Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Life in Acronyms

A few nights ago, I was talking to my dear friend Dan about acronyms. See, he hates them. And me? Well, I happen to live in a world that is currently full of them. So, for Dan’s amusement… my life, in acronyms.

I am BKD.

I go to UT, where I’m majoring in SW and Psychology. When I graduate, I will have a BSW, but eventually I want an MSW and possibly a PsyD. I take classes such as CSD, UGS,  RUS, and CL 305. 

One of my favorite professors is E-RG. I plan to get licensed after graduation, and I want to be an LCSW.

I’m very active in SSD. Their office is in the SSB. At ACC, where I’m taking my summer classes, SSD is called OSD, and this gets very confusing.  I receive FINAid through the VA. But I have to go to OSFS sometimes, after I’ve filled out my FAFSA. They require my SSN and my UTEID. Sometimes I study at the PCL. I have classes in PAR, BUR, and SSW. To get there, I have to drive down MLK.  I drive a VW.

I have OCD. I’ve participated in treatments including CBT and ERP. I’ve taken an SSRI.
I love photography and shoot with a DSLR.

I overuse LOL and LMAO in written conversation. I prefer MLA style to APA, but I can cite in both.

I have many online friends on FB, but I also frequent the GMC. I used to be a member of APS. My best friend and I like to watch SYTYCD. We talk a lot on YIM.

Before I got fired, I worked at SCBN, sometimes called FMR. I opened mail and scanned POI.

I am definitely not a PC. 

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  1. I'm going to go U/A, get declared MIA, Turn up in the DMZ and condemn your PDA's and your UAOUOA's on PBS.