Friday, July 30, 2010

I Love This Face

I love this face.

And this girl.

It was one of those days today. Not a bad day. But one of those days that leaves you feeling like you'd like to sleep for about a week. (Why I'm still awake at 3 AM trying to churn out this drivel I call a blog is beyond me. I need help. Serious, professional help.)

The Monkey Boy screamed at me and told me to GO AWAY RIGHT NOW today. Twice. He was bribed into giving me a hug and saying he was sorry, but then I was forced to listen to Chuggington. Have I mentioned how vile Chuggington is? Obnoxious talking trains usually finding some way to get in trouble. At least it isn't Barney. Or Spongebob.

I'd have to stage a coup.

Then he made approximately eight bazillion trips to the bathroom in an attempt to poop. This number, of course, is only an estimate. It could have been more - but the spell checker told me that bazillion was spelled correctly, so that's the number I went with. (It does not like gillion, bagillion, or the most accurate description -  DEARGODHEHASTOGOAGAIN?!?)

Then he did acrobatics on the furniture. 

About this time, I contemplated hiding in the closet and sucking my thumb.

The Super Duper Cooper Pooper Puppy dug a hole in the yard. Luckily, he dug near a fire ant mound, where there was already a lack of grass. Sort of. This is my story, and I'm sticking to it. It makes me feel better about the whole mess. 

Still, it wasn't all bad.

There was some laughing.

There was some silliness.

There were some faces like that one up there.

I guess you just have to take the bad with the good.

And avoid getting sucked into Wikiventures when you get home and have the chance to go to sleep.


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